Apetitus pinsa romana

the pinsa romana in the reach of a click


We want you to love our pinsa as much as we do. We love its goodness, the lightness of the dough and the convenience in preparing it. We have rediscovered the flavor of ancient Rome and want to bring it to everyone's table. With only 5 minutes and extreme ease, you can prepare a complete, healthy and typical traditional meal. You will be able to enjoy it even more when accompanied by our artisanal products typical of our regions.


We want you to rediscover the great value of traditional Italian food products. 

We select each and every product with passion and extreme care, in line with our values and philosophy. We would like the passion for typical and artisanal food of the highest quality to be within everyone's reach.

For us Italians, good food is synonymous with sharing. Around the table, people rediscover a taste for dialogue, confrontation, union, sharing; for important values such as friendship and family.

We look for artisanal products, made with care and passion every day, according to local traditions. Products made with quality raw materials, based on craftsmanship for a unique creation. And it is this uniqueness that we want to tell and bring to your tables.

We select products that convey the typicality and excellence of our territory.

We select good products that respect work, time and know-how, with that culture handed down from father to son, for generations.

We select our partners with care and attention to offer only high quality products. Our partner companies follow different quality standards, most are certified or follow a certified process.

We carefully select every single product to bring only the highest quality, genuine and tasty products to your table.

Careful use of natural and animal resources, we try to work in harmony and with respect for the natural cycles of the seasons.

We strongly believe that informed choice has information as its main pillar, so we make available in a transparent manner any information regarding our products and producers.